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Manifold is a water distribution and collection device for connecting various heating pipes for water supply and return in water system. Manifold in the floor heating system is mainly responsible for the opening and closing of loop water flow of floor heating, when the water in the gas boiler through main line into the diversity in the water, after filter impurities of the isolation, after the water allocation to the loop, after heat exchange is returned to the water back to the Lord, and again by the nozzle flow of the heating system in the back.

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Zhejiang Huibo Valve Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Huibo Valve Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading Wholesale Underfloor Heating Manifold Manufacturers and Manifold Flow Meter Factory in the valve industry, with more than 25 years of experience, specializing in the field of HAVC system parts and brass valves. Huibo Valve has its own factory, which is located in Yuhuan County, Zhejiang Province, the hometown of brass valves in China.Now as the top manufacturer of high quality HAVC system parts and brass valve, our main products cover brass manifold, stainless steel manifold, thermostatic radiator valve, manual radiator valve,balance valve, motorized valve, air vent, ball valve, gate valve, gas valve, check valve, brass fittings and so on with more than 40 series and 2000 varieties.



Industry Knowledge Extension

What Underfloor Heating Manifold Are Used For?
Underfloor heating manifolds are an integral component of underfloor heating systems. They serve several important functions in the system's operation and control. Here are some key uses of underfloor heating manifolds:
Distribution of Hot Water: The primary purpose of an underfloor heating manifold is to distribute hot water from the heat source, such as a boiler or heat pump, to the network of pipes installed beneath the floor. The manifold acts as a central hub that receives the heated water and directs it to the individual pipe circuits.
Control of Flow and Temperature: Underfloor heating manifolds incorporate control valves for each pipe circuit. These valves enable precise control over the flow of hot water to each zone or room. By adjusting the control valves, the flow rate and temperature of the water can be regulated, allowing for individual temperature control in different areas of the building. This zoning capability is beneficial for energy efficiency and personalized comfort.
Mixing of Water Temperatures: In certain cases, underfloor heating systems may require a mixture of hot water and cooler water to achieve the desired floor surface temperature. Underfloor heating manifolds can include mixing valves that allow the blending of hot and cold water to achieve the desired temperature. This feature is particularly useful in situations where the heat source delivers water at higher temperatures than what is suitable for underfloor heating.
Balance and Control of Flow: Underfloor heating manifolds often have flow meters or flow regulators integrated into their design. These components help ensure that each pipe circuit receives the appropriate flow rate of water. By balancing the flow, the manifold promotes even distribution of heat throughout the underfloor system, preventing hot or cold spots and optimizing the system's performance.
Pressure Regulation: Underfloor heating manifolds may incorporate pressure regulation devices to maintain a consistent pressure level within the system. These devices help prevent excessive pressure variations, which could impact the system's efficiency and performance.
System Monitoring and Integration: Some underfloor heating manifolds feature additional components for system monitoring and integration. This may include temperature sensors, pressure gauges, or control interfaces that provide feedback and allow for system adjustments or integration with external control systems.
Underfloor heating manifolds play a crucial role in the operation, control, and efficiency of underfloor heating systems. They enable the distribution, regulation, and zoning of hot water flow, ensuring optimal comfort and energy usage. The specific features and functionalities of underfloor heating manifolds can vary depending on the system design and manufacturer.