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The manifold accessories have flow meter、inlet and return water valve、auto air vent valve、wash out valve. The flow meter can help us see if the flow in each pipe is in a balance condition clearly, the inlet and return water valve's head control valve to control the water inlet and return, the auto air vent valve installed with the three way on the end of manifold. Its at the top position of the system to ensure the air in the pipe can be exhausted, the wash out valve can drain the water which in the system during pressure testing, system maintenance and pipe cleaning.

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Zhejiang Huibo Valve Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Huibo Valve Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading Wholesale Manifold Accessories Manufacturers and Manifold Accessories Factory in the valve industry, with more than 25 years of experience, specializing in the field of HAVC system parts and brass valves. Huibo Valve has its own factory, which is located in Yuhuan County, Zhejiang Province, the hometown of brass valves in China.Now as the top manufacturer of high quality HAVC system parts and brass valve, our main products cover brass manifold, stainless steel manifold, thermostatic radiator valve, manual radiator valve,balance valve, motorized valve, air vent, ball valve, gate valve, gas valve, check valve, brass fittings and so on with more than 40 series and 2000 varieties.



Industry Knowledge Extension

What Manifold Accessories Are Used For?
Manifold accessories are additional components or attachments that can be used in conjunction with manifolds to enhance their functionality or address specific needs. These accessories serve various purposes depending on the type of manifold and the specific application. Here are some common manifold accessories and their uses:
Valves: Valves are commonly used as manifold accessories to control the flow of fluids through the manifold. Different types of valves, such as ball valves, gate valves, or needle valves, can be added to the manifold to regulate the flow rate, shut off the flow, or divert the flow to different outlets or circuits.
Gauges: Pressure gauges can be installed as accessories to measure and monitor the pressure within the manifold or at specific points in the system. This allows for accurate pressure readings and helps ensure that the system is operating within the desired range.
Flow Meters: Flow meters are used to measure the flow rate of fluids passing through the manifold. They provide real-time information on the quantity of fluid flowing through each circuit or outlet, which can be useful for monitoring and optimizing system performance.
Temperature Sensors: Temperature sensors or thermocouples can be added to the manifold to measure and monitor the temperature of the fluid within the manifold or at specific points in the system. This information can be used for temperature control, system diagnostics, or safety monitoring.
Drain Valves: Drain valves are used as manifold accessories to facilitate the draining of fluids from the manifold or specific circuits. They provide a convenient means to remove or replace fluids, flush the system, or perform maintenance tasks.
Manifold Mounting Brackets: Mounting brackets are used to secure the manifold in place and provide stability. They ensure that the manifold is properly installed and minimize the risk of damage or movement during operation.
Union Fittings: Union fittings are used as accessories to facilitate easy disconnection and reconnection of manifold components. They allow for convenient maintenance, repair, or reconfiguration of the manifold system.
Isolation Valves: Isolation valves are used to isolate specific circuits or outlets within the manifold. They enable the shutting off or isolation of specific sections of the manifold for maintenance, repair, or system modification purposes.
Check Valves: Check valves are used to prevent backflow or reverse flow of fluids within the manifold. They ensure that fluid flows in one direction only and help maintain system integrity and performance.
These are just a few examples of manifold accessories, and the specific accessories used may vary depending on the application and system requirements. The selection of manifold accessories depends on the desired functionality, monitoring needs, and control requirements of the specific manifold system.